Great gift for the first Birthday


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Jul 06, 2012

Need to give a gift to a Baby Boy turning 1 and i really don't want it to be clothes or toys , what  can i give with is age appropriate and fun both ...

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| Aug 08, 2012

What about a membership to a toy library instead of toys... that would ensure a year long supply of toys, the child would be happy and the parents would bless you! :) Also books are a great option with lots of picture books for tots that age available on the net (where you will get a discount as well). Look for the right options by searching "books for one year olds" on google. Flipkart has a very good collection.

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| Jul 06, 2012

I completely get why you don't want to give clothes and toys but actually by 12 - 16 months children start to stand and walk, they like toys that they can drag , push and lean on. They amuse themselves with things they can stack , such as cubes and blocks, and boxes they can put things in or take the things out of. They like trucks to transport things, drums , dolls with cradles, construction toys, big balls, counting toys , story books and buckets and spades to play with in sand or water , bath time toys are a great fun for them .. so take a pick and buy your gift...

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Praveen Premkumar

| Jul 06, 2012

a great question bhavna... now that you are asking, am confused as well - what is it that a one year old would feel happy about? am eagerly looking forward to suggestions...

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