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Green poo..


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Dec 11, 2015

My daughter is 6 months old.. nd she is getting green poo since today. she is having diarrhea for 15 times a day. she is feeling so wk today. can anyone tell what is the problem she can have..

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Archana Parmar

| Dec 12, 2015

Take sporlac powder and mix it with some water or your breast milk. Give it to your baby to avoid diarrhea.

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harshitha sachin

| Dec 12, 2015

hi babies poo green when they are fortified with iron supplements. if this is not d case there is a chance that d food is not sufficient to her or her body is not absorbing enough nutrients. as ur baby is already affected by diarrhea and her digestive system is down so keep observing her poo for 2-3days even if it doesnt change then u hav to consult ur pediatrician.

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