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Feb 25, 2016

Hi All, I wanted to know about Growth Spurts. My baby is suddenly feeding almost every 1 / 1. 5 hr since last 2 days and seems to be hungry all the time. Can it be a growth spurt or feeding issues. Pls advice

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| Feb 25, 2016

Thanks Taruni... My baby is 3 months.. He used to feed every 2/3 hrs earlier and sometimes even more.. This is now 1 hr/ 45 mins and i feel that after feeding also he remains hungry.. At times he is sleeping after feeding and lot of times he is sucking his hands.. thats y i was getting worried

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Taruni Manjunath

| Feb 25, 2016

Hi. If your baby is very young like say within 6 months they tend to feed more sometimes within very short spans. It's "demand feeding " which is necessary for adequate growth and development of your child . If your baby cries after feeding for a n hour or does not sleep well after feeding then u might want to think of he's getting stomach full or not. And yes as they grow thier intake also increases .

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