Hai I have 2months old boy...

baggu bhavya

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Jan 25, 2016

How to take care of him.... give me some tips

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baggu bhavya

| Jan 29, 2016

Thank you so much anupama for u r valuable suggestions

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Anupama Sheregar

| Jan 25, 2016

Dear bhavya takin care of a 2 mths baby is a real task bt being a mother its v v pleasin n satisfactory takin care of ur baby 24*7.. Im tryin to share fw points dat I cn recollect frm ma xperience: 1. Most imp is his regular chck ups at doc fr basic weight gain / height n vaccinations.. 2. If ur baby is gainin weight normally n not showin any strange signs den carry on wid same routine daily as babies love to be taken care in same fashion daily... 3. Breast feedin is most imp fr a new born n mother health as well.. so carry on with as long as u can... discuss wid baby doc if weight related issue is dere den introducin formula milk parallely is a option.. bt breast milk is best fr ur baby as it vil protect him frm infections life long 4. massagin baby once or twice a day vil make him active n u cn connect wid him fr nicely.. its d best moment wen u bth cn hav fun wid light music 5. Just hav patience wid baby dats d key.. look fr signs if. he is uncmfrtable... cryin n being cranky is normal fr babies soo u vil slowly n steadily vil undrstd his moods n ur journey vil be smooth Othr dan dis any query or help u hav soo many moms ard to guide u n suggest soo jst

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