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Pooja Sethi

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Jan 19, 2016

Hi my name is Pooja and I have a 10months old baby boy. My concern is what all foods can I give him through the days as we are going on a holiday for 5 days by car. Can I give him foods what we will eat while journey or in a hotel and also will food outside will be safe for him. He is on my feed only and also I give him cerelacs at times .Please suggest me some tips as I'm storming my brain brain for it. Thank you.

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Anupama Sheregar

| Jan 19, 2016

Hi pooja my son is also 11 months n last mth we went on 3 days trip by car.. breast milk is safest n ma son had it wenever he wantd... u cn wear nursing kurta/top n feed him even easily in car if its a long journey.. Besides dat I carried biscuits, cerelac powder and rice powder to feed him 3-4 times a day in boiled water.. electric kettles r easily available in hotels u cn boil bisleri n feed him.. we carried water n milk fr 1 day in thermos frm home... also nw they cn be engaged by givin lil bites of roti,pasta or rice while ur eatin ur meals.. boiled potato wedges cn be requestd in gud hotels at tym of Brkfast along wid plain idli/ dosa/ uttapam fr snackin n keepin dem busy Njoy ur holidays n hav fun.....

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Neelam Joshi

| Jan 19, 2016

Hi Pooja, you can give him biscuits, carry thermus for carrying boil water. Dont give outside water, this water can be used to make cerelac also. you can give elaichi bananas.

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Sruthi Patiballa

| Jan 19, 2016

Hi pooja, The foods you eat may not be safe for him. I suggest don't give him outside food, he is still too young to digest different oils. As he is still on breast feeding you need not worry much because you can feed him whenever he want. There are fruit extracts available in the market, you can feed himwith that too. You can take cerlac also. Have a safe trip.

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