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Healthy Fun Drinks for the Summer


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May 30, 2012

1) Watermelon – Most foods with good amount of water content is good for the summer. Rich in vitamin A and C, and contains magnesium and potassium. The calorie content is low, so it is not heavy at all. This is true for more foods that are high in water content, they keep you well hydrated and does not contribute to your weight. 2) Coconut Water – When the coconut is young, the un-ripe coconut contains water inside it. It is very healthy, contains a lot of minerals and has electrolyte that makes it an excellent sports drink. On a hot summer day, a glass of coconut water can do wonders to your health. 3) Lassi – It is made from yogurt and is particularly good in the summers. You can be innovative and make your own flavor combinations .Easy to prepare, just take some yogurt and put it in the mixer, mix some ripe mangoes, some water and a bit of sugar. Mix it well and it is ready. The taste is just brilliant and all you will need is some ice cubes perhaps. 4) Aam Panna –Aam Panna is great but since only un-ripe mangoes can be used in this, so you better get them while you can. It is a great cooler in the intense heat .   5) Yogurt – It is made by fermenting milk with bacteria, once done it looks thick and becomes particularly good in taste. Yogurt is great for health, with iodine, calcium, phosphorous and much other important nutrition. When it is too hot and kids refuse to eat  yogurt is arguably the healthiest snack available. 6) Lemonade – Take a glass of water, squeeze a half cut lemon and a spoon full of sugar into it and perhaps some ice cubes and your lemonade is ready. This is perhaps the easiest to make on the list and has plenty of health benefits. It prevents dehydration, boosts immunity. So all in all an excellent summer drink. 7) Butter Milk – After you boil milk and let it cool, you can see cream on the top of the milk. Take this cream, collect daily as it will require quite a bit. Then churn it well. This process will remove butter from cream and the liquid left behind is butter milk. You can sweeten it with a bit of suger or honey .it is all healthy and great for keeping you dehydrated during the hot summer season.    Apart from these Indian spices like Amla, Avocados, etc. fresh fruits and green vegetables, green tea and grilled foods like grilled fish or grilled tomatoes are great to beat the summer heat.

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| May 30, 2012

these are really helpful,and moreover some are quick, natural and easy to make.... thank you for sharing these Bhavna. :)

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Praveen Premkumar

| May 30, 2012

Thanks for this update Bhavana, with the temp soaring, this bit of information is much needed!!!

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