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Hello everyone my baby is 4 months and he is completed on top feed as there is no breast milk flow,suggest me from when can I start him semi solid food.

Faiza Naved Shahbazkar

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Feb 10, 2016

Semi solid food

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Madhura Hanchate

| Nov 11, 2016

Try to bf the baby completely till 6 months If your milk supply is low.. Take shatavari kalp powder in milk twice a day .It will definitely help . But try not to give semi solid food till 6 months

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Anu Praveen

| Sep 24, 2016

After 5 th month only

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Faiza Naved Shahbazkar

| Feb 21, 2016


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| Feb 10, 2016

Though my baby is still 3 months I had the sAme question. Have been told through most sources that its usually advisable from 5th or 6th month, however, some docs also advice it from the 4th month if the weight gain etc is not as expected. You may want to check the same with your peadiatrician.

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