Hi... My Son is one year old and during feeding if he gets cough, then he vomits what ever he has eaten. Any idea how to over come this and does anyone facing some issue?

Mamatha NS

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Jan 27, 2016

Avoid Vomiting while feeding

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Manmeet Kaur

| Jan 28, 2016

My 1 year daughter has cough for over a week and was not eating properly . Several medicines was changed . I finally found cure in garlic . My daughter liked to eat it raw and cough was relieved with 2 days eventually . Give half garlic raw or put 1 or 2 garlic in the food that u are preparing . It helped me . Try if it works on your little one

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Ishwarya Narayanan

| Jan 27, 2016

Try vasambu.. An ayurvedic stick which is burnt and the black powder is applied on the tongue. Just a pinch will do

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raj gupta

| Jan 27, 2016

i also face the same issue. put some drop of nassal drop to get air flow, because his nose is stuck so he can notbreathe properly so he just vomit. for cough put some mustard oil with methi dana and cook together and after that make it slight luke ward and rub the same onjavascript:void(0) his chest at night. it will releif in cold.

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Anupama Sheregar

| Jan 27, 2016

Hi Mamatha.. i face this issue whenever I give medicine to my son.. he vomits all d food he has eaten til dat tym in one go... In ur case pls frst of all try to c if he has cough or cold symptoms dats why he is coughin or he jst clears throat.. Wen ma son has cough he vomits n all d phelgm or cough comes out n dats a gud sign as babies cnt spit it like adults.. So jst chck fr cough cold symptoms n if cough comes out wid food den he jst removin it frm body.. dnt worry jst feed him again aftr 1-2 hrs Babies hav all d rights to mak us mommies work xtra :)

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