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Hi Sarbani,

Sarbani Dutta

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Nov 18, 2015

I hv a baby boy of 1 month, i message oil with coconut oil which is made in home. after that i wash him with water. I want to know can I do oil message. plz suggested which oil is Good for him. He has little bit cold.

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Anupama Sheregar

| Nov 19, 2015

Hi Sarbani coconut oil is d best for massage.. it has v gud body absorption property.. also u cn warm it a lil n do massage in winters Enjoy motherhood!!!

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srishti vishal

| Nov 19, 2015

Mustard oil is good in case of cold .. Boil it with some pcs of garlic n ajwain... Fill in a bottle after it bcms cool... Then use whenever required.

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Nupur Kale

| Nov 19, 2015

I am using Himalaya Olive Oil. They are all good.

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Madhavi M

| Nov 19, 2015

Sesame seed oil is good for the baby skin. I'm Using for my 4 months old baby.

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Rashmi Pandit

| Nov 18, 2015

I have been doing oil massage for my kid since birth. And I have used organic coconut oil. I think Coconut oil is best for the skin..

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