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hike in fees in different schools and colleges


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Jan 29, 2013

various college fix their donation according to the score the student has scored if it is above 90 percent more than 15000rs and less than 80 percent 50000 and above and below 60 percent more than a lakh till now in so many colleges they are asking donation and telling to keep the mobile outisde the pricipal room and they are checking us and then we are allowed to enter and if we are ready to pay they dont give any receipt and if we ask they give advertisement for college this is too much and till now there is no solution for this and we all forward quota suffer a lottttttt due to this process, everything has to come to an end and keep a big full stop and those whose asks donation has to be reprimanded immediately then only our india will be without corruption and not one anna hazare against corruption. we all have to fight against the donation menace

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| Feb 05, 2013

I recently met a father of two daughters, one 14 and the other 8. He wants the elder daughter to become a doctor, so he has sent her to boarding school which specialises in getting students ready for entrance exams. Then he said " even if she does not crack the exams, I have the means to get he through medical college. " with a wink. Until parents stop thinking this way, this is a sure method of creating a skewed batch with children of top paying individuals getting spots while probably more meritorious but poor children will be left out. Shame on us.

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| Jan 29, 2013

Hi Geetha. This practice has been around since years and God alone knows what will happen by the time my kids start going to college! I remember how my father was asked to pay up a good amount of money to secure a place for my sister at a college. We however, got lucky, as she was offered a place in another college and without any donation. Unfortunately, there are parents who go along with this practice and pay up whatever is asked for and the institutions are pocketing a good amount of money this way. I agree with Sheetal here, the authorities should oppose this practice, to begin with.

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Sheetal Bhatia

| Jan 29, 2013

Hi Geetha, you absolutely true and i agree u totally but its everywhere and for parents it sometimes becomes difficult to oppose such practices as its our children future on sake. It could only b possible when not only parents but school authorities also accompained

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| Jan 29, 2013

hike in fees

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