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Jul 27, 2015

Hi all,   I have a 3. 5 yr old son who stays with my parents in Chandigarh and i work here in Gurgaon... i needed some good home tuition options or activity centre details like Kumon, in Chandigarh since i wanted him to not lag behind since i am not around for him.. pls suggest

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Indeep Kaur

| Aug 02, 2015

Hi Nisha! We Life farm play way and daycare is situated in MOhali phase 11, we keep keep kids as they live with parents for kids overall development. For more information feel free to contact 8699959987.

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| Jul 28, 2015

Hi Nitin, thanks for the same but he needs assistance in completing homework. There is absolutely no one that can assist him with this , since i stay away and my parents are too old and unwell to keep a tab. Hence would really need a good one that can help him fill this gap

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| Jul 27, 2015

Hi Nisha ! Your child will do just fine, especially if you have found a nice preschool/school for him which he likes and enjoys going to. Too early for him to join formal tuitions w. r. t. academics. You could certainly enrich his surroundings with books, learning toys, clay play, art and craft, and that would certainly help.

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