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Horrible Behavior

Stacey Brooks

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Dec 23, 2015

My 6 year old son's behavior has gotten awful over the past year. He doesn't listen, shows no respect for me, doesn't seem to care when he pushes me to the edge. I've tried everything. Grounding, time out, taking away things, spanking, calling his father (we've been split up for 4 and a half years), talking to him. Tonight I even told him he was grounded from my hugs and kisses until he learns to be nice to me. Nothing has worked yet. I love him so much and it kills me that his behavior is getting so bad. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 23, 2015

Hi Stacey Brooks! How r u? Yes I do understand it affects us (parents) a lot when our kids try to push us too far and nothing seems to work with them. It is advisable that now that u have tried everything on your child from dealing with him with love to spanking to devoiding him of all the priveleges, please try and bring a change in how u present things to him. You could try being:1. Calm and composed yet firm when u talk to him. 2. Discuss things rather than giving orders. 3. Ensure your voice is not raised. 4. Talk to him to understand how he feels about the whole situation (u and his dad being separate). The more u would push the matter under the rug by not discussing it, the more it would escalate and fall back. 5. Tell him under what circumstances u chose to part ways with his father and how essential it was. Please refrain from saying anything negative about his father. 6. Shower yr love on him and praise him when he is quiet and listens to u. 7. Avoid asking him to do things which he doesn't like doing and if u really want him to do it explain the why part and how it would be beneficial for him 8. Do relaxation exercises. Keep yrself happy as that would reflect in your behavior as well. 9. Spend some light moments with your kid like taking him for picnic on weekends, playing video games or watch his favorite serial with him, feed him once in a while or talk to him at length what happened during the day, involving him in preparing his favorite meal,reading out a story book to him or u could even watch a movie with him. 10. If he has any questions regarding his Dad or life in general please answer those honestly in an age appropriate language and in a manner which is not overwhelming for him. 11. Introspect and find out at what point he snaps at you. If possible avoid that situation and if thats not feasible change the circumstances like asking him to do the same thing politely when he is in a good mood. Asking him how he would like to do it. Apprceiating him. Hope this works Stacey! All the best!

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