Hospital Registration for Delivery

Paritosh Pareek

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Nov 14, 2015

Hi I just want to know what's the processes and what are the options in Delhi for the same as like any other father or may be not want to go for the one best for mother n child and secondly nice to the pocket. Thanks

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Paritosh Pareek

| Nov 17, 2015

Thank you Swati, I appreciate the time you spent in answering and I really agree to the point about Delhi traffic, even I was considering Gangaram but do we have to register in time over there in case gynae is not from or operates in Gangaram rest will consult her as well. Help is really appreciated. Thanks

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| Nov 17, 2015

Hi Paritosh, Hospital registration will depend on where the gynaecologist you go to conducts the deliveries. Where ever she does deliveries or operations, you can go there and the hospital will guide you about the registrations. Also, before choosing a hospital, given Delhi traffic, do remember the hospital has to be close to your house so that you can reach in emmergency. so based on where you live, decide. some good ones tho are sitaram bhartia, and gangaram.

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