How to adjust to the changes happening toward teenage in child?

Sapna Gupta

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Jan 06, 2016

My daughter is turning 10 yr old. I am finding a lot of change in her interest. She is now taking interest in movies, romantic songs. I can sense that she has conversation about love, affair, boy friend, girl friend etc in her friend circle. She become excited while talking with friends and is dull at home. I know all these changes are natural and will be more with time but am little scared how to handle her so that she will not go on wrong path. I try to get how she is thinking but am scared if she hide anything. I need some tips on handling the situation.

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Namrata Katgeri

| Jan 08, 2016

Hi shikha my son who is in his early teens (14 yrs) been attracted towards girl of his class and sometimes is quite upset about her not talking to him ....am so helpless these days as am unable to soeak to him regarding this .How should i talk to him about this?? Need help from experts. He is good in acadamics am scared because of this his studies should not be hampered.

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Sapna Gupta

| Jan 07, 2016

Thanks Shikha. My daughter use to share how the boys in her class are teasing and how is she giving a reply back. But i feel she also enjoys it and don't want to ignore despite of me telling her. Should I just listen and don't react much on it?

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Shikha Batra

| Jan 06, 2016

Hi Sapna! What u have described are normal changes expected in a preadolescent. Thanks to television,internet, bodily changes both hormonal and emotional,role of peer group etc which are there to guide or sometimes misguide our children. It is advisable to accept this as a normal phase and understand what would be the appropriate method of dealing with a child who is at the verge of entering a phase of turmoil for both her and her parents i. e. adolescence. Try and be her friend . Avoid judging her when she shares something with u by labeling it as inappropriate or wrong on her part. the more u would understand her confusion, empathize with her and offer unconditional love to her no matter what, the more u would see her coming close to u and confiding in you. Also talk to her about bodily changes and attraction to opposite sex and precautions to be kept in mind in an age appropriate language over a period of time. I am sure Sapna u would be able to deal with this sensitive phase aptly. All the best!

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