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How to bosst upconfidence ia a child

Fathima Bawazeer

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Aug 01, 2015

My son is 9 yrs old still behaves childis n compares everything with siblings n feel inferior n always in delimit what to do

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Komal D

| Aug 12, 2015

I feel children learn from adults. Many parents or grand parents compare children from a very early age. Eg comparing how your friend or cousin eats well, dances well, how he or she reads well etc. To begin with parents or teachers or care taker or family members who are at home will have to stop comparing the child with anyone else. You will have to instill self confidence in your child by telling him all the positive things about himself, about you and the family. In fact you and your husband should also never compare yourself with others as children pick up very fast on this. You can explain to him in a very gentle was that not everyone gets or has everything and that God gives everyone something special and one has to find that out. You can tell him all the positive and good things you n your family has n he can be proud of it

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