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How to dress to avoid Heat Stroke


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Jun 12, 2012

A few tips on how to dress to avoid the heat stroke: 1. Look at the big picture and plan your wardrobe. Evaluate what your activity is going to be in the heat and dress appropriately for the environment. If attending an outdoor event ditch the long-sleeved shirt. 2. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap to keep you cool. Wear clothes made of breathable material that is not too dark in color and wear loose shorts. Be sure and put on a good sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more. 3. Avoid layered clothing for exercising in the heat. You want to give your body room to perspire and not overheat it. Select light fabrics suited for activity. Buy mesh-accented workout gear. This can include tank tops, shorts, sports bras, light workout bottoms or quarter-length pants. 4. Dress smart at work. If you work in an office where the temperature fluctuates, wear an outfit that can accommodate this. Select a light jacket or shirt. Consider a nice tank top or blouse that is appropriate for a business environment (or a short-sleeved dress shirt for a man). 5. Stay away from wearing heavy clothing to sleep. You can get overheated during the night, too. Dress your beds in light sheets and pillowcases for the summer months. This will help your skin and body stay cool. 6. Dress infants and toddlers to avoid heat stroke and provide shading. Select hats to protect your little one and block the strong sun. Provide cool, loose-fitted clothing such as thin, soft cotton. Limit your child's sun exposure while at the beach especially during the hot mid-day sun.

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| Jun 12, 2012

Thank you, was looking forward for this... thankfuly we could practice most of this as schools are still to reopen....

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