How to potty train

Prasanna Agnihotri

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Oct 03, 2015

Hi everyone, Im a mother of 1. 4 year old boy. I want to him to potty trained and already bought a potty seat. Whenever i tried to make him sit on that seat he sits for a while and stands up and wont do pee or poo on the potty seat. Please suggest any ideas.

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 03, 2015

Hi Prassana! Potty training is indeed a herculean task and demands lot of patience, keeping oneself calm and composed as well as motivating for the child to continue efforts. The moment one looses it's cool and parent shouts or gets angry on the child during accident or for not using potty chair child gets further adamant not to act accordingly. Keep it in child's room at a prominent place, hide it with transparent sheet so that it is visible to the child. Please Don't ask the child to sit on it. Just to quench curiosity child would own his own walk towards it and remove the sheet and would try and sit on it. Once child is done playing with it, u could again cover with it. DOnt force him to continue sitting on it. It might take 3 or 4 days for him to do successful attempt on it. Meanwhile just ignore what's happening. While he is not playing u could show him videos how kids use potty chair. On success u could praise the child,clap for him, hug him or give him a star or a smiley. u could teach the child to use 'pee or poo'in case of urge to use potty chair. child might slowly learn to relieve himself on his own though accidents would be inevitable. Hope this works!

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