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How to reduce pregnancy weight


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Mar 13, 2015

can any one help me out with the effective ways of decreasing the extra weight which I gained during my pregnancy.

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Manju Adarsh Panikar

| Aug 02, 2015

i m also tensed abt my weight after my baby... my baby is 15 month old now too i too want to get back into shape ...hwo can i ..but i tend to overeat and tat is adding to those extra fats of mine.. how to control... pls suggest...

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Leena Jha

| Mar 14, 2015

Hi Prashanti, how old is your baby? Enjoy your motherhood now without bothering about the weight. You will eventually do it when your baby starts his/her activities and keeps you busy and running after the whole day. We all have gradually lost the weight gain during pregnancy, so will you. Happy Parenting

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| Mar 14, 2015

Healthy diet, small doable exercises n homeopathy is the key. Homeopathy helps increase BMR Here are a few tips that may help. 1. Have Small meals. 2 . increase the amount of fruits and vegetables . 3.have a lil more protein . 4.have food from all food groups including healthy fats. 5. Drink plenty of water. 6 start with Green tea. 7. Sleep well n stress less. 8. Sleep n wake up at the same time. 9. Exercise regularly. 10. Portion control is the key. Also consider homeopathy. It helps increase BMR n burn more calories with the same effort. Dr Bhavi Mody

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Parul Ankita Gupta

| Mar 14, 2015

Hi Prashanti, there is no other way than just increasing your exercise and activity. Even if you can't take time out because of the baby, do some simple exercises at home. keep moving in the house as much as you can. do brisk walk for half hour everyday. these should help you. all the best

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| Mar 14, 2015

prashanti, this is a common problem but don't stress. in my case, i lost all the fat, when i stopped breastfeeding and came down to a regular routine and diet. what also helped was an increase in activity and increase in fibre rich foods. walk when you can, do some cycling. maybe group up with a friend to do exercises together. eat well but simple. hope this helps.

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| Mar 14, 2015

prashanti, Depending on how many months have passed since you delivered, and also, whether it was a normal or a csec, you could try yoga which helps in not only toning the body, losing weight, but also relaxes the mind. But it is not instant. it will take atleast 3-4 mnths of rigorous schedule for effects to show. Or go for brisk walks when you can manage to take time out.

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