How to select diapers?

Tanu Aggarwal

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Jan 28, 2016

Hi My baby is 2 month's old. I m confused in selecting diapers. Currently I m using huggies New born diaper. I m confused that what next I used for my baby. Majorly concern is rashes. Plz tell how to select at which stage which diapers are to be used?

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Navreet Sahi

| Jun 20, 2016

pampers pants premium care is the best

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| Mar 31, 2016

I use pampers 5 start for new born and pampers premium care. both r soft and have given no rashes

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Archana Parmar

| Jan 28, 2016

Its depend upon every baby that which diaper suit to it. But pant style diaper is best. You should clean the front skin very well either from wipes or water at eveey diaper change. Also apply some powder after cleaning skin. You can also use diaper rash cream and powder available in market.

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Haritima Pandey

| Jan 28, 2016

Hi.. I found pampers diapers are better thn huggies. rashes cms BT very less. So am using diaper rashes cream. BT nw at day time am nt using diaper fr my baby only at night am using.

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Tejal Singh

| Jan 28, 2016

Hi. This was the first question came in out mind when we decided to switch from nappy to diaper after 20 days of my baby birth. The best way is to check whether baby is comfortable, any leakage (as all diaper co says its no leakage, but some time it leaks) and most important Rashes. I used mamy poko,than pamper normal and finally settled to pampers active 5 star protection and libero.

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gayatri chadwa

| Jan 28, 2016

Hello.. Diapers can be really a tricky part as rashes are a major concern.. i used pampers new born diapers for my baby and it gave her rashes.. She is now 4 months and since a month I am using Pampers premium care pants and there are no rashes... you will have to see which ones suit your baby. Try and use the ones which have more natural and soft material. Every parent will have a different opinion for it. You need to check for your baby.

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