How to stop breast feed?


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Nov 02, 2015

Hi all, Please let me know how to stop the toddler from mothers feed?

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Christina Dsouza

| Nov 07, 2015

I had a friend who's son left breast feeding at 3.... was feeding only in d nights.... my friend had gone on a trip to Goa with his son his wife couldn't join him... when the mother was away he didn't want milk... n when he returned to Mumbai he had left the habbit strange... but it worked

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| Nov 03, 2015

Hi, i followed the below methods and it took two weeks time to achieve. 1. Please take the support of family members, whenever it is the time to feed your child, give your child to someone else and ask them to play with your child in your absence. 2. Try giving your child milk, through spoon in that time(not the mother)3. It is common for a child to cry in that period, but please have patience and dont bend. Above all, please ask your doctor, if you are still healthy and can how long you can feed your child.

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| Nov 03, 2015

Hi there r many ways through which u can help ur child stop breast feed. U can apply asafoetida ( hing)or neem leaves paste on ur nipples. It will give d baby a different taste he is used to. U have to use them every time u feed him. The main test is urs as its ur patience level which will help ur baby to overcome from the habit.

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deepika tiwari

| Nov 03, 2015

Please share ur views and comments ...am also looking forward for the same solution.

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