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How to teach story which easy and simple method

Radhagowri Karthikeyan

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Nov 20, 2015

I want to teach story to my kid. He s 6 years old. He s speech delay

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Radhagowri Karthikeyan

| Nov 21, 2015

thank u shikha for yr valuable comments

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Shikha Batra

| Nov 20, 2015

Radha u can begin by writing a story in short sentences with simple words .Also you could draw picture cards,with each card depicting a scene from the story. Narrate yourself first with the help of picture card as well as gestures. Use same sentences as far as possible. This would help the child memorize words and then use these while narrating . If possible make use of words he already knows while writing sentences. Practice everyday for few weeks. I am sure with repetition,use of gestures as well as pictorial representation of the story he would be able to grasp and finally narrate a story. Say for example- begin by hare and the tortoise story. Draw picture cards. Write the wholé story in short simple few sentences. Narrate with the help of picture cards. Don't forget to praise him at every step. Hope this helps!

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