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hw to make her to do homework.. she just don't like..


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Jan 11, 2017

education and learning

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| Jan 11, 2017

Nikki, children have shorter attention span. So try to split the homework into smaller parts and try to complete at different time. If the due date is Friday and if you have 4 days time for completion, divide it equally into 4 equal parts and do a smaller chunk of work each day. You can do the same for all subjects. So when child moves back and forth from one subject to another it wont be boring too. Following a routine always makes things easier for you and your child. By routine I mean start at the same time everyday. But don't be too strict on the duration. sometime children may not feel like doing too much of work due to different reasons such as tiredness, boredom, distractions. WHile doing homework, give them a choice to choose what they want to work on. "Do you want to do math or handwriting practice first". Give fewer options. Once they choose keep the duration shorter. Everyday practicing for 5 to 10 min a subject will be more effective than one long hr session a couple of times a week. Give all your attention when they are doing homework. But dont follow each and every thing they do and give directions. guide them when they need help. Do not do their homework. Keep yourself free so you can focus when they come to you for questions. Be ready to answer all their questions even if it's not relevant to that subject. As long as they are learning, keep the session interactive and fun. If your child doesn't understand something, try a different method to teach. Before you start a subject, if you can spend some time, find out different ways to teach the same topic. It's very important to understand what type of learning style your child follows. It can help you choose the right method to teach. And have lower expectations. Your child is still learning and her motor skills are still underdeveloped. so don't expect perfection. As long as your child is giving her best, encourage her for her efforts. She will be motivated to do her best.

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Canisha Kapoor

| Jan 11, 2017

Without asking her to sit for homework just sit down with the school bag and sift through the books and notebooks. Usually, the day's homework is mentioned in the diary open it and read it. Then pretend to figure out how can you do it let your child see you doing all this she will come to you and ask you about the homework. That's when you share your concerns about it and see how she volunteers to do it on her own.

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