Ideal routine for 15 months baby

Arika Tiwari

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Mar 28, 2016

Hi all, can anyone guide me what should be routine of 15 month old baby girl . Also my baby yet has not accepted cow/ buffalo milk, she prefers only Breast milk and neither she eats roti or any vegetables. She eats only fruits. What to do? What is other alternatives if she does not take milk or roti... your suggeetions will really help me. Thank you in advance.

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Mamatha NS

| Mar 31, 2016

My Son is 14 months old and i give him ragisari/upma/idli/dosa for breakfast and for lunch it will be rice and dal with smashed veggies like carrot,potato,green leaves etc.. dinner it will be chapathi dipped in milk with sugar. In between i give him some fruits and biscuits. Most of the time he takes all these foods and sometimes he is too cranky and i have to end up giving him only fruits like banana/apple etc.. When it comes to sleep he has the routine of sleeping twice in day time, morning after shower, probably for 2hrs & later in the evening for 2hrs.

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