Increase in breast milk

Varsha Chaudhary

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Jan 08, 2016

Hi my son is 5 months old... my body is not producing enough milk from 5-6 days... please help... some suggestion on how to increase breast milk so i cn feed him properly...

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Neha Srivastava

| Nov 20, 2016

Take jeera in ur daal ,take proper diet and milk. You can take ayurvedic medicine Leptadin .It is safe ,my doc recommended me after delivery and i took that pills.

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Shivangi Shah

| Sep 25, 2016

fry makhana in oil or dhee and sprinkle salt and pepper

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Padmini Devaraj

| Jan 08, 2016

boil the Garlic in Milk and drink it along with Garlic, it will help a lot

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varsha chaudhary

| Jan 08, 2016

Thanx both of u... will try both...

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Simmi A

| Jan 08, 2016

Hi Varsha.... increase ur water intake... tll surely help u... take at least 3 litres f water every day.. T helped me n such situation...

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Shajitha Banu

| Jan 08, 2016

Make a powder of methi (fenugreek ) have it morning in empty stomach and night after dinner it will help to increase breast milk

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