Infant potty training


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Feb 24, 2013

I've been potty training my baby since a very young age & she's very comfortable & rather prefers going on her potty. She'll turn 1yr next month and I would like to know if any of you have similar experiences. I can read her ques & tell she needs to go but how do I encourage her to tell me that she needs the toilet. I know she's too young & I'm not putting any pressure on her, just need an idea what the next step should be!

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Binsy Benny

| Feb 27, 2013

My daughter also started using her potty by 10 months. from the time she started speaking she would say potty and i would understand she needs to go.. but before she used to just point in the direction of her potty or get me the potty lid and i would understand. But i still use a diaper for her in the night.

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| Feb 25, 2013

Hey, I love the way you mentioned you are not putting pressure on your child , its just that she has learned this early on, great work there.

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| Feb 24, 2013

Nikki, some children just start early. My daughter did so too. She was potty trained by the age of 2. You just need to tell her to let you know when she needs to go, and with a little bit of time, she will do so. Till she does, make her sit on the potty at her usual times and use a diaper to avoid any "accidents" when you go out. A potty trained child will not go in a diaper usually, and will start telling you automatically if she needs to go, as it will make her feel uncomfortable. The next step comes much later, maybe at the age of about 3. 5 or 4, when you can get a infant potty seat and get your daughter to start using the bathroom WC (western style). Congratulations on an early potty trained child.

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