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Infusing Violence in kids

Rashmi Pandit

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Nov 18, 2015

Its very common that when our kid falls or hits on something we try to soothe him/her by asking to hit back the non living thing like sofa or floor. Are we not infusing a sense of violence in kids. What is your take ?

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Rashmi Pandit

| Nov 18, 2015

Agree.. Kids should be taught to let go.. And if this attitude of violence moves on from non-living to living then that would be worst of the cases.

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Swathi Rao

| Nov 18, 2015

Definitely we are... This is indeed a dangerous act. Kids try to mimic the same and do get hurt N as you said rashmi.. we r provoking them to violence. If such case happens like getting hurt to something instead of hitting it back we should provoke the child like" lets excuse it.. it happens just by mistake baby... dekhho.. woh sorry bhi bol diya..

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