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Shajitha Banu

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Oct 27, 2015

Hi my baby is 6 months old i gave him orange juice one time he is not having how to give juices and what juices I can give

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Shweta Thomas

| Oct 28, 2015

Hi, can you please tell me the recipe of carrot juice?

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Viji Kolappan

| Oct 28, 2015

Hi shajitha.. I started off with carrot juice. Filter it properly and dilute d juice a bit initially. Gradually u can reduce d amount of water. First day jus try to guve 30ml or how much ever ur baby likes to have. Citrus u can try later. My baby is 5 months and she has carrot, pome, orange, sweetlime, watermelon and tomato juice. Try d sweeter ones. U can add palm sugar fr sweetness as it's not unhealthy lik sugar. U gotta buy palm sugar cubes available in nuts and spices.. put one or 2 cube in warm water, filter it and add it to d juice. It's helpful in preventing d baby frm catching cold.. Good luck

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| Oct 27, 2015

Hi Shajitha, it is recommeded not to give citrus fruit juices to the child very earyly as they can have allergic reaction. so check with your doctor.

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