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Introductiob of a glass of milk and glass of water instead of bottle

Shubhi Chauhan

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Jan 27, 2016

My daughter is 1. 3 yr old. what is the right time to remove bottle feom her routine and instead introduce glass of milk or water. I have tried it several time but she isnt ready to drink anything that way.. she wants her bottle only. please suggest how can i do that..

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Shubhi Chauhan

| Jan 29, 2016

Thank you everyone... actually my mother was telling me its high time... if the baby starts to identify bottle. she will get use to it.. so i was worried

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pooja shahi

| Jan 29, 2016

My doctor told me to remove bottle that means milk from her day feed. If the baby is hungry, he vl take solid food items and water from glass. This process will take time n gradually baby will become familiar to glass feefing of water, milk n all. At night gve baby bottle so that he cn get a sound sleep. But again try to feed him fully when he is about to sleep so that he go to bed wid hia stomach full n dont get the cribbing of bottle. The lesser the cribbing for bottle feed, better it is. Rest every child has its own way of getting acknowledged to new habits. We as a mother need to b patient n polite wid dem.

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| Jan 27, 2016

Try with spoon first

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