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Is he on proper diet ?

Swetha Charan Shroff

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Sep 16, 2015

Hi all ! My son is 1. 8 yrs now and his weight is 10. 5 kg. His doctor told he has to b 11 - 12 by now. He is gaining 300 -400 gms monthly but still I m confused what to do?He is active and morning he takes Brkfast(idly ,upma,dosa,poha ) wtever I prepare by 8. 30-9. Aftr tht ragi milk @10. 30and sleeps , gets up at 12. 30 and lunch @1. 30 (any curry,dal,curd)again any fruit and milk @ 5. 30 finally dinner @8. 30. Now I m confused where to insert any thing in between !and when to give fries like potato and all to gain weight!please help me to adjust my child's diet!still he is under breast feed

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Arushi Dhillon

| Sep 16, 2015

No fries, please!! Once in a while is good but not as a weight gain tactic. You want him to gain healthy weight not fat. Here are quick tips: increase the quantity of the food (slowly). Not sure if you have egg or meat in his diet, if not, include it. Desi ghee instead of oil. Stress on high protein diet rather than a full fat diet. Good luck!

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Parentune Support

| Sep 16, 2015

Hi Swetha, Pls ask your query to expert in the nutrition corner. Here is the link- http://www.parentune.com/expert-corner/nutrition

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