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Is IGCSE/IB advisable for pre-k?

Kiran Prakash

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Oct 26, 2015

HI, I am looking for schools for my daughter for pre-k/nursery. I have shortlisted a IB world school close to my house which follows PYP till 5th grade, 6 -10 grades-IGCSE and 11th and 12th grades - IB. I like the school atmosphere, teaching methodology and also that it will help my daughter in holistic development but my dilemma is if she decides to study in India after her 12th, would this curriculum/school help her in terms of the preparation for entrance exams etc. I could think of 3 options. 1. Study in the school till 12th assuming the acceptability and suitability of IB to Indian universities would have increased 15 years down the line. 2. Study in the school till 7th grade and then depending on her interests, shift to ICSE/CBSE schools for 8th grade? But I am not sure if she would find it difficult at that stage to cope up with a completely different teaching methodology/curriculum? 3. Send her to a CBSE/ICSE school a little farther from home. Would require some advice on this as I am unable to decide what is best for my daughter.

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Kiran Prakash

| Oct 27, 2015

Thanks Swati! Your suggestion sounds good. :)

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| Oct 27, 2015

Hi Kiran, I think PYP program is excellent to develop a child's concepts so you may consider putting her in PYP till 5th grade. After that you can take a call depending on what your long term idea about your child s education is and also you will get a fair idea of your childs capability till then.

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