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It is mandatory to give 6 month vacinnation which are OPV and Hep B3


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Jan 04, 2016

It is mandatory to give 6 month vacinnation which are OPV and Hep B3 .pls advice .

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Dr Vijay Vardhan Rao

| Jan 08, 2016

Yes it is important to take the 3rd dose of Hep B vaccine. Hep B has 3 doses in all. There are 3 schedules for hep B vaccine- 0,1 & 3 months or 0,1 & 2 and 0,1& 6 months.. The 1st schedule is good but doesn't lead to complete seroconversion. 2nd schedule is limited to high risk cases ( baby born to a HbsAg positive mother or health care staff), 3rd schedule is seen to give Complete seroconversion and full protection..

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Priya Yadav

| Jan 08, 2016

Hey, the vaccination schedule actually comes from the most experienced and qualified paedetricians of India and are revised every year's based on Indian Paedetrics Association recommendation I personally didn't miss any from vaccination schedule and would advise so. Its better to be tensionfree rather than missing one vaccination schedule and let it bother you if its fine or not

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| Jan 04, 2016

Actually my doc told it's not required so next vaccine will be @9- 12 months

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