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Kamaljit Kaur

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Jan 23, 2016

I want to rejoin my job & my baby is 3mths exclusively on formula feed as my my breastmilk was low. But my in laws stay far off. They are unwilling to move to our place to take care of my baby. Now should i stay at their place &commute daily or force them to come to our place? My hubby's salary is low so rejoining is must for baby's future &if i commute daily then i will b able to spend very less time with her & get tired too. With in laws i'l have to see household too being a joint family. What to do?

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Tejal Singh

| Jan 23, 2016

Will agree with @shruti. Don't force. Try half day or try to manage work from home option, if it'd available. Try maid service, but do police verification before keeping any maid with baby.

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shruti ashok

| Jan 23, 2016

Do not force anyone to take care of ur baby, that wont b good for the baby.. explore daycare + working half days to begin with as an option.

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