Joining work after maternity

Shirin Chithara

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Feb 20, 2016

My girl baby is 5 months now and I was planning to join back my workplace when she completes 6 months. I fear if she will adapt to this change (i can't be with her for 8 hours) and hence am thinking of postponing the joining period by two more months. Will there be any difference if I do so OR whether she will adapt in 6 months only. Kind of confused! :( pl give your suggestions.. Thanks!

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Niyati Bhivgade

| Feb 23, 2016

Hello Shirin, I too agree baby recognize their mother by birth and it doesn't make any difference if you postpone your joining. Baby are far more adjusting to their surroundings as we think. So just don't worry and join your workplace but yes once you come home all the attention you have to give your baby.

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shirin chithara

| Feb 20, 2016

Hi swati, thanks a ton for your suggestion. Just curious to know how long the baby takes to accustom to the change?

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 20, 2016

Hi Shirin if you join now your baby will adapt to your absence. As for not recognising the mother the baby starts recognising the mother as soon ad they are born. I have had this experience when my son was 4 months old and I use to leave him with nanny. Entire day she took care of him but the moment I entered home he clinged to me.

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Ruchi Sharma

| Feb 20, 2016

Join ur job. As your child is small now she doesnt recogize you so much. But as she will grow old she will recognise youand then it will be more difficult for you to leave her.

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