Sugandha Tourani

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Jan 10, 2016

Hi , my baby boy is 3 mnths old n v use to give him top feed becoz my milk is nt enough 4 him ..though I try to give my feed as mch as possible bt he is nt satisfied wid it n sometimes my nipples pains alot becoz he take my feed for 30 to 40 min n whn I put him dwn to sleep on his bed he wake up n ask 4 mre but with the top feed he is satisfied... is it ok to give him top feed n also I hav joined my office which is 8 hrs long... even after 8 to 10 hrs my feed doesn't leak does it is sign of less lactation.... Please advice

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Shereen Sk

| Jan 12, 2016

It is absolutely okay to give him formula now. Do not stress and worry . The only aim should be a healthy baby and a healthy mommy. :)

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Aparajita Singh

| Jan 11, 2016

Hi subandha, it is totally ok to give top feed, if the first 2monthd you have fed your baby your own milk, the only important thing to do then onwards is have your baby fed.. just ensure the best quality formula milk... like enfammil.

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Ruchita Thareja

| Jan 10, 2016

Hi Sugandha. Yes, definitely this is a sign to less lactation. Ideally, one shud bf 10 mins from each breast. But if it is hurting you then it might be the case that u will get sore nipples. Anyway, you should first try for ur milk but still if ur baby is not satisfied then only shud u start with top feed. I, myself being a working mom had to do this, coz I suffered from the same situation. Not much milk, thus top feed had to be given. And with office, you can really do much about it. Still, give it your best shot.. Happy Parenting!!

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