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Latching problem

Meenakshi Attrey

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Nov 04, 2015

My 14 day old boy refuses to latch... Sometimes he may take the nipple in mouth but for a few secs only n thn starts crying.... Started feeding with nipple shirkd but tht too he resists initially in every feed..... My nipples are little small but i feel tht they are sufficient for a latch.. But my little wonder refuses to feed directly frm breast... What to do?

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ritika dhingra

| Nov 05, 2015

I faced similar problem and using a nipple shield was a pain as breastfeeding session becomes a lot longer this way. I would suggest you continue with shield BT once d baby is in flow, take off the shield nd immediately put your baby's mouth on your nipple. You may not be successful in first few attempts but this will definitely work after sometime.

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syl jerin

| Nov 04, 2015

Hi meena,consult some nurse and they will pull out the nipple with a syringe. But it pains.

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Archana mehra

| Nov 04, 2015

Hi even I was having problem in latching earlier as my nipples were also very small. I used nipple shield for almost 4 weeks. But after 2 weeks of using nipple shield, first I used to latch my baby directly on my breast during every feed. First he used to cry a lot but slowly slowly slowly he got a proper grip. And within 4 weeks I stopped using nipple shield

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Himanshi Gupta

| Nov 04, 2015

Hey.. just relax.. it takes time, n never stop trying.. Try nipple shield.. women's nipple are small Fir the first baby, the more baby latches more it started to take shape.. just dnt give up..

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