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Lazy in writing

Dushyant Gajaria

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Aug 30, 2015

My son who is 6 years old and studying in 2nd standard, he is very good in oral and visual learning, but when it comes to writing he is very bad his teacher and school colleagues tell us that he is busy either playing with pencil and rubber or just looks here and there. Generally this make it very difficult since he he doesnt copies down all what the teacher teaches in class , sometime even important information and annoucement also is missed out and we have to take books from other class students which sometimes looks very bad. We have tried diffrent ways for eg (fear) that if he doesnt write down everything the punishment will be given , (bribe) we offered him choclates and educational videos on youtube if he completes everyting on time. Sometimes he does but most times he still doesnt, can any one guide what can be done ...

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| Aug 31, 2015

Dushyant Gajaria, I suggest you have a word with the teachers at his school and try and figure out what is it that makes him hate writing so much. Sometimes, the idea, mostly reinforced by teachers and parents, that you can't write while others are writing so well, put a child off so much that he gives up. So have a supportive enviornment at home. Do not force him, but let him write whatever and however much he wants to. And once he does, praise him lots. For a month, atleast, do not pressurize him into writing but just what is necessary. he will lose points in school, agreed, but a short term loss anyday is better than a long term loss.

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