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Legs paining


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Nov 19, 2015

My son is 3yrs 3months old. he is so active. He used to jump a lot. his legs are paining especially at night time. he is crying a lot I asked my pediatrician also he gave iron tonic but my son is not taking. what should I do which food or excerise I have to make for him please suggest me

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| Nov 21, 2015

Applying Moov or any other pain relief gel is not good for kids so young.... soak her feet in warm water with a littel salt in it.... that will be more relaxing for him.

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| Nov 20, 2015

Thank u

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| Nov 20, 2015

Dear kamala. This is common with some kids. My duaghter too goes through phases of leg pain especially on days when she does a lot of physical activity. Try massaging his legs at bedtime with warm oil or apply Moov. If the pain is too much and he wakes up several times at night, then try giving him a small dose of paracetamol which will take care of the pain. Growing children often face this but its not a serious concern. Hope this helps.

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