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Less Concentration at School


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Sep 03, 2015

My son is 5 year old 14 Kg  studying in UKG.  He is not showing interest on his either studies or some extra curricular activities like dancing, carate, music.  His teacher used to say that he is slow in his studies after some time he feels tired and lay down in table.  I asked my family doctor regarding his weight and asked for some food supplimentaries but he refuses and says he is active so no need of it.  He won't like fruits and snacks also very choosy.  need suggestions pls.  

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krishnakali basu

| Sep 18, 2015

i would suggest a full body check up first,vitamin d defeciency also makes one lethagic

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| Sep 04, 2015

Thamks for the advice

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| Sep 03, 2015

Generally due to deficiency of iron happens with kids. Must get it checked. My niece having exactly same issue... she could sit properly in soft just lay down, very slow in every work. Later came to know deficiency of Iron. Now she is perfectly fine active in studies and other activities.

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