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Loose motions

Ritika Dhingra

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Dec 06, 2015

My daughter is 4 months old. She is not on breastfeed since last one month and takes double tone milk. She is having loose motions since last evening. After every single feed, she is passing stool. That is why she is feeling too sick and irritated and ia sleeping more than the usual. What can be done?

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ritika dhingra

| Dec 07, 2015

Thanks all for ur advice.

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Neha Chopra

| Dec 06, 2015

I would suggest you to give her formula feed like lactogen or Nanz. Do not give mother dairy milk till d baby is a year old as it is difficult to digest and leads to tummy problems.

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radhika tuniki

| Dec 06, 2015

Hi ritika....... in general doc suggests sporlac powder. half of the powder can be mixed in one spoon of milk and given to baby. Also they suggest dry zinc powder which need to be mixed with water and need to be given for 2 weeks.. pls consult doc and take suggestion whether u can go with these.....

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| Dec 06, 2015

You could check if stool has saliva like texture which means she has diarrhea. You could feed her with ors to help dehydration. In case she has fever and feels uneasy it's better to take her to doctor. Otherwise babys pass stool frequently at this age

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