loss of appetite after fever and throat infection


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Apr 25, 2015

hi, my year old son was suffering from fever and had cough. though he is fine now but his appetite is lost. he is just not eating anything. before the fever he had a good appetite of dalia,khichdi,banana and mashed potato. this used to b his favourites .give any one of this during the day and he will enjoy his meal. because of high fever and cough infection ,he had antibiotics. but the dosage is over and he is fine. but the problem is that he isnt eating anything. he is just on water and milk. i changed his meal plan,tried his favourites and the meal pattern but of no use! he seals his lips and starts to cry or will spit  but wont gulp the food in.   pls suggest! thnx

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| Apr 27, 2015

Hi Aastha, sometimes coz of antibiotics the taste in the mouth gets ruined and also the appetite. let him recover fully nad then he will be back. till that time give him whatever he wants and in whatever quatity. don't stress himself or yourself out with food. In the meantiime, you could make him have some curd or probiotic rich foods to take care of his digestion, which also gets affected by antibiotics.

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Shikha Batra

| Apr 27, 2015

Hi Aastha! Child is still in the stage of recovery and fears vomiting, discomfort after having food. So it is advisable to start with food in semi solid form such as soups, dalia khichdi or sabudana kheer etc. Which are light on stomach and easy to take in. it is advisable to go slow on diet as force feeding would further demotivate him from having food. The child would himself demand food as and when he feels better. Wish him speedy recovery.

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Nita Sahni

| Apr 27, 2015

hi Aastha! You could try some coconut water and milkshakes (without ice) with seasonal fruits.

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