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Shabana M J

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Oct 17, 2015

My son is 4 this november,2015. He likes to take only plain white rice. He does not like to have along any carries or rasam to it not even variety rice. He would take fried items like chicken or potato along with plain rice. How can I encourage him to take curries and other veggies. He does not like to chew only vegetables but chews non-veg. I tried cutlets that too failed.

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Shabana M J

| Oct 17, 2015

I tried to give him soups and juice. He says no. He is not ready for change from routine. He just have pineapple and orange juice. And apple and banana as fruit. Not willing to give a try. If I force him to give a taste teat also he cough and vomit. Please suggest he is malnurished and underweight. I give him a handfull of cashews daily still no weight gain.

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| Oct 17, 2015

Hi Shabana, If your son is not eating rice with curry then you may give him soups, fresh fruit juices, shakes separately to fulfill his nutritional requirements.

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