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Binsy Benny

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Mar 11, 2013

Hi All,   Had a query as to at what age do children start sleeping throughout the night without waking up in between for milk? Do i have to gradually try and stop giving milk in the middle of the night or they just lose that habit on their own. My child is 2 yrs old..

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Binsy Benny

| Mar 12, 2013

thnx for the feedback!!!

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| Mar 11, 2013

Hi Binsy. A child of that age normally does not need to be fed regularly at night. It may be more of a habit than a necessity. You could try to wean your child off the midnight milk habit by giving water instead to begin with. You could also give your child milk just before bedtime.

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| Mar 11, 2013

Hi! Binsy, i agree with puja here, though no two children are similar yet by the time they are turning 2 they should be able to sleep through the night or get up once only for water.

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| Mar 11, 2013

Hi! I think by 2 years of age kids are ready to eat proper meals, so a filling dinner should help do away with the need for milk at night. Another problem with a midnight feed is that the child may not brush his or her teeth thereafter and this makes the teeth prone to cavities. Also a cup of milk late at night will make it difficult to help your child's body get ready to stay dry through the night.

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