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Milk Battle


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Oct 11, 2012

My daughter is 3 years old. she doesnt like drinking milk. Apart from milk she generally doesnt create issues while eating. I have tried giving milk in different forms but of no use. One day she said - Mumma I dont drink milk because it is not tasty :(... Very honest on her part but what should I do about it.

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| Oct 15, 2012

Getting my child to finish one glass of milk was almost impossible for me. They are not interested in knowing what is healthy or not. But now I am able to accomplish this mission after I had read a very useful article on different ways I can get my child to finish that one glass of milk. May be it would be useful for you too. http://www.humptybumptykids.com/tips-to-get-your-child-to-finish-the-glass-of-milk/

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| Oct 12, 2012

Thanks a lot Bhawana... It is great info. There are many things you mentioned that my daugther loves to eat but I did not know that there was calcium in these foods. :)

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| Oct 12, 2012

Dear Ritu, we want our children to have milk because it has calcium which helps to strengthen their bones . Keeping the objective in mind, you really don't have to stress your child, you can get the same nutrition from a lot of other food products like 1. CHEESE ( the amount of calcium will vary in different varieties of cheese but all in all it is a great source) 2. TOFU ( it is readily available in the grocery shops now days) 3. DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES 4. LOW FAT DAIRY PRODUCTS LIKE YOGHURTS 5. FLAVORED SOYA MILK 6. CALCIUM FORTIFIED JUICES ( the contents are always written at the back of the box) 6. ALMONDS 7. DRIED HERBS ( like rosemary ,sage , oregano, basil in soups and vegetables) 8. DRIED OR ROASTED SESAME SEEDS 9 MAKE PORRIDGE ( with rice/ semolina/ sooji/oatmeal / daliya ). Most Importantly give your child foods rich in Vitamin D as it helps in absorbing the calcium in the body . Vitamin d rich foods include Fish Oil/cod liver Oil and fish like salmon / herring/ mackerel and trout that are readily available in the local meat shop. sometimes just letting her be also helps , it worked with my daughter ; when she refused to drink milk i let her be and 4-6 months later she herself asked for it one day .... hope his helps

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Aangan Bansal

| Oct 11, 2012

did u tried bournvita little champs plus little sugar??

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