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Milk clots in breast

Ritika Dhingra

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Nov 07, 2015

I fasted on karwachauth and put my 3 months old baby more on nan feed that day. I subsequently developed milk clots the very next day. Consulted doctor who prescribed some medicines and hot pack. However, there isn't any relief even after a week. Can anyone help?

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ritika dhingra

| Nov 07, 2015

Thanks akhila for your suggestion. I m applying hot water pack since morning nd regularly feeding d baby. however, there is hardly any improvement so far. I also visited doc today who suggested to underwent biopsy test to determine if this is a milk clot or pus. I m nt too comfortable with biopsy. Did you also went thru something similar?

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Akhila Edukulla

| Nov 07, 2015

Hi,you need to remove that clots either thrugh breast pump or using hot water (cloth dumped in hot water) the clots will get reduce. But takes at least half a day Even i had the same pblm i faced this pblm atleast 4 times past 6 months medcines didn't work out but feed your baby very frequently coz our milk is more strong food than anything. hope my reply would suggest you.

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