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Jan 15, 2013

Hi, I have just started using pediasure for my 3 year old and she is like ok ok with it. I just wanted to knw whether these powders are really helpful to te kids as some pediacs say its ok if they not havin, does not make much diff and some suggest otherwise. I have had mixed reviews frm other mothers as well. any other supplements tht she can like and be helpful for her? I have tried bournvita and horlicks but in vain....

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| Jan 19, 2013

thank you so much for ur replies anurima and neetu. Its been 15 days and my daughter has started likin pediasure and m goin to continue with it and hopin too see some changes in her weight n height!!!!

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Neetu Ralhan

| Jan 16, 2013

Hey! My niece was born underweight and as she grew older, the doc advised Pediasure for her, she is about 5 now and takes it till date !

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| Jan 15, 2013

Hi again Amita. There was a similar question raised by a parent earlier. You may want to go through the link for more opinions.. Hope it helps. Here is the link http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/health-supplement/172

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| Jan 15, 2013

Hi Amita. Pediasure is known to provide extra calories and is usually advised for children who may be fussy eaters. I had a huge problem to get my daughter to eat anything since the time she was a baby. So we did start her on pediasure after hearing the reviews from other parents and did some amount of research by comparing the nutritional information with other drinks such as bournvita and horlicks. We took our chances and started with pediasure when she was 3 years old. we did see a remarkable difference in her height and weight over the last year. Her appetite seemed to have improved and she has gained a decent amount of weight (she was underweight earlier). So I would recommend Pedisure to any parent who has to deal with a fussy eater. You may give your daughter pediasure with milk as recommended on the pack. I have not heard any negative reviews so far but if you may, you could check with more parents and doctors before making up your mind.

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