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My 1 yr old child not ready to eat anything all our efforts comes to a vain ....she just moved her head after repeated attems to feed her... any suggestion?

Vijay Meshram

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Dec 01, 2015

Baby food

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Vijay Meshram

| Dec 03, 2015

Thanks for the suggestions ....I have stated to act in that direction ANd find it useful .....

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Mansi Bhatia

| Dec 03, 2015

Hi vijay,my kiddo is also of almost same age n same was with her.. so aft discussion with doc, I ve started giving her different food in small quantity, try to develop taste of your child. Feed ur baby with different variety of food.. And add Ceralac4 as atleast 1 time feed... feed ur baby with suji kheer,idli,daliya,khichdi,vegetable soup,milk,custard, rice, make small chapati for ur baby... keep on feeding after short intervals in small quantity. ..slowly taste will be developed n baby ll be habitual of eating.. then increase the quantity n time gap.. try this ..u have to put in efforts to do this.. n then u ll enjoy your baby habits n health.

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Megha Chawla

| Dec 01, 2015

Hi Vijay, sometimes there are several reasons from food choices, meal time schedules to a full stomach. There is a live chat happening soon on Right nutrition for toddlers for age group 1 to 3, I think you will get some directions there from the nutrition expert http://www.parentune.com/livechats

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