My 2 month baby vomits a lot

Sowmya Shetty

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Sep 15, 2015

My son will be completing his second in next 10 days .He was 3. 3 when born but later he reduced to 3 kg and could not gain weight for sometime as he had an infection in his umbical cord. Now he is just 3. 7 kg as per doctor his weight is low. He vomits a lot whenever we give him burp after drinking milk he vomits all the milk with the burp. Kindly suggest some solution also how can his weight will increase .How much weight should increase in a weeks time.

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| Sep 16, 2015

Hi Sowmya, Exactly same was the case with my nephew. His birth weight was 3. 3 and then it got reduced to 3 in the first month itself. but paediac said initially it drops but then it should not drop much. So What we did was improved my sister's diet. She used to drink milk a lot(5 times a day) and had food which is not too heavy or forms gas like avoided chhole, rajma. So you could also try this. Have a balance diet, drink lots of milk, eat fruits because whatever you eat will impact your baby's health. And sometimes we tend to overfeed our kids in order to increase their weight gain fast but avoid that. if baby is vomitting milk as it is then its a problem and consult your doc but if he is vomitting milk in its thicker form then its perfectly fine and it means he is vomitting the extra part which his body didn't accept. Hope it helps

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