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My 2 year old son doesnt like to eat complete meal.

Aditi Mankad

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Sep 12, 2015

Hi all. I am a gujju. My 2 year son doesnt like to taste any dal or veggies. He jusst refuse it by just seeing only. He doeant like to eat complete meal. He likes to eat khaakhta biscuita etc. He eats roti paratha or thepla but doesnt want to dip in any sabzi dal or puree. I am very frustrated. I have a fear in my mind that will he never eat like anyother kid eats or like an adult. Whg will happen when i will send him to preschool. He will just enjoy by seeing other kids eating.

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Aditi Mankad

| Sep 12, 2015

Thank you pratibha

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pratibha bhatt

| Sep 12, 2015

Hi aditi ! I can understand ur problem, but don't worry. I think u should try other things like if ur child refuse to eat dal or any gravy then you make stuff dal pratha n veggi stuff roti n give to child. Tell him differnt kinds of intersting story based on food. N try new tricks to feed him. I hope its work all the best.... :)

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