My 2months baby

Nikhat Farheen

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Jan 18, 2016

She has blocked the nose and in throat some sound like (gur gur gur) it's more in nite Am using nasoclear nd ambroxl hydrochloride drops

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Lata Girdhar

| Jan 18, 2016

My baby is about to be 3 months now. We too faced the same cold and cough issue. Apart from the drops we also used home remedies for some relief. 1. Apply desi ghee once or twice a day on baby's head 2. Put ajwain, heeing and garlic in sarson oil (mustard) and apply this warm oil on baby's chest, back and feet. 3. Take steam which is very effective and gives instant relief. 4. Mix jaiphal in mothers milk n give that to baby (not daily, may be once in 2 days for 3-4 times till the cold persists)

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Sumi Singh

| Jan 18, 2016

Hi my baby is also facing the same problem n she is also 2 months old Coz of conjestion she vomits also. I visited to doctor she gave same nasoclear drop, wen I use she will be fine for 2-3 hrs n again the same problem. I m also worried abt this. Mainly for dat if it doesn't gets better will it be convert into chest conjestion?

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Priya Yadav

| Jan 18, 2016

Hey, I had same issue when it was winter and my baby was 2 months. Firstly, its important to get checked out its chest congestion or nasal. My baby had nasal so my paedetrician advised to take it easy. He gave nasoclear for that and advised me that babies do have very small nasal passages and that's obvious in winter. It will be fine as the baby grow. I need not worry about nasal congestion and nasoclear can be used many times as its simple saline water. Thankfully, its better this winter. Chest congestion needs care and need to be lookrd after immediately. Consult your paedetrician for that.

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