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My 3yr old baby not saying about toilet before it comes.


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Aug 25, 2015

In school also she never say before about toilet coming. She dirty her diapers. She not even inform

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| Aug 26, 2015

Subbulakshmi, You will need to toilet train her and it will start with not putting her in diapers at home. Remove diapers totally at home. Understand her schedule and when you know her toilet routine, anticipate it and take her to the washroom--after waking up, every 1. 5 hours and so on. And ask her gently if she wants to use the washroom. If she is toilet trained at home but not in school, seek help from school. Tell them the same that they need to take her to the washroom every 1. 5 hours or whatever her routine is. Also, ask your daughter if she is comfortable using the toilet in school and if not why--children can get turned off the smells, dark or dingy toilet, or a scolding ayah. Understand her concern. If she dirties her diaper, kindly tell her it is not the right thing to do and remind her that she should use the toilet. gift her a treat if she doesn't soil her diaper but tells you on time. hope this helps.

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